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What Is Considered Domestic Violence in Tennessee?

The state of Tennessee considers domestic violence to be any act that inflicts harm on another person in a domestic relationship. These types of relationships can include spouses, romantic partners, family members, roommates, and co-parents. In the eyes of the law, domestic violence is not limited to physical acts. Psychological and emotional abuse, as well as threats and intimidation, can count as domestic violence. 

When it comes to criminal charges, numerous offenses fall under the category of “domestic violence.” These can include domestic assault, violating a restraining order, sexual abuse, stalking, child abuse or neglect, kidnapping, and others. 

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Tennessee’s Penalties for Domestic Violence

The penalties for a domestic violence offense depend on the specific charge. Domestic assault, for example, is a misdemeanor that can result in a $200 fine and up to 11 months and 29 days in jail. 

There are many other felony domestic violence offenses. Child abuse and sexual battery are examples of these types of crimes. With felony domestic violence, the penalties include years in prison and fines of thousands of dollars. 

Certain aggravating factors can increase the penalties for a domestic violence offense. Aggravating factors can include the use of a weapon, a defendant’s criminal history, and the presence or use of a controlled substance. 

What are the Collateral Effects of a Domestic Violence Conviction?

If a person has been convicted of a domestic violence crime and completes their sentence, they must still face a variety of collateral effects. A domestic violence conviction is ineligible for expunction, which means it can be visible to potential employers and landlords. Additionally, it could exacerbate the penalties for any future criminal charges. Courts might also enact a protective order which could limit a person’s ability to spend time with their children and family. Other collateral effects include losing the right to own a gun and risking one’s immigration status. 

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